While she was around when it was invented, Barbra Streisand still doesn’t seem to understand how social media works. After being dragged online for a seemingly insensitive comment she made on a friend’s post, she’s now apologizing.

On April 29, actress Melissa McCarthy posted a couple of photos on Instagram of herself at an event with director Adam Shankman. Streisand responded by commenting, “Give him my regards did you take Ozempic?” She later deleted the comment, but not before it was captured by the Comments by Celebs account and captioned, “Babs!!”

One user responded, “Omg Babs, you can’t just ask people if they’re on Ozempic.” Another addressed the legendary singer directly: “you’re such a boomer. I cringed reading your question.”

Another user wrote, “Maybe STFU and keep these thoughts in your own head? It’s none of your business unless someone wants to share. My god. And as a woman in the industry completely judged for her looks, you think Babs would have some empathy.”

On April 30, Streisand posted an explanation of what many saw as a brutal comment.

“OMG – I went on Instagram to see the photos we’d posted of the beautiful flowers I’d received for my birthday!  Below them was a photo of my friend Melissa McCarthy who I sang with on my Encore album.”

“She looked fantastic! I just wanted to pay her a compliment,” she continued. “I forgot the world is reading!”

But McCarthy doesn’t seem to bothered. Asked by a TMZ photographer what she thought of Babs’ Ozempic comment, the Bridesmaids star said, “I think Barbra is a treasure and I love her.”

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