Earlier this week, Axl Rose turned up in animated form on an episode of the Boomerang show New Looney Tunes, and he debuted a new song.

In the show, Axl asks Bugs Bunny and his pals where the local civic center is — but since an asteroid is headed toward earth, the only option was for the Looney Tunes characters to take out their instruments to help blow up the asteroid by performing a powerful song.

The song, presumed to be titled “Rock the Rock,” has an “AC/DC” feel, so it is uncertain if the tune is a solo effort from Axl, a new Guns N’ Roses song, or a new release from AC/DC. 

Take a listen to the song in the link below. 

Is this Axl Rose singing a new song on an episode of “New Looney Tunes”?

Via www.classichitsandoldies.com

Editorial credit: A.PAES / Shutterstock.com