Attorney Efrem B. Neely Announces His Candidacy for Pine Bluff District Court Judge Division 2


“I am not only running this judicial race for myself and the citizens of Pine Bluff…I am running this race for all the children that we tell they can be anything they want in the city of Pine Bluff,
I am running this judicial race for all the talented individuals who left the city of Pine Bluff because there was no place for them to apply their greatness, I am running this Judicial race
for all the talented individuals who desire to return to the city of Pine Bluff and their greatness be appreciated…I am running this judicial race to continue to promote CHANGE to improve the city of Pine Bluff.”

54-year-old local attorney Efrem B. Neely, Sr, who specializes in the areas of Criminal Defense, Domestic Relations and Personal Injury Law; and who practices in state and federal courts, announced today that he will again run for the Pine Bluff District Court Division 2 Judge position. Neely has practiced law in Pine Bluff while serving as the Managing Attorney of the Neely Law Firm (since 2008). His firm, has been and remains one of the top law firms in Central

Arkansas, and has a superb success record of favorable verdicts in criminal defense, domestic relations and personal injury cases.

“I believe this position, just like other positions in our city, needs a fresh set of ideas, and that the complacent disconnect from the city makes it an isolated position with no value to deterring violence and/or other crimes,” Neely says. “I feel that I can make an even greater impact on Pine Bluff and surrounding areas by providing a fair and respectful application of the laws while keeping the court connected to the city in an effort to reduce violence (gun) and other crimes. THIS IS NOT THE SAME PINE BLUFF FROM 20 YEARS AGO, AND WE CAN’T CONTINUE TO HANDLE THESE IMPORTANT POSITIONS LIKE THINGS HAVE NOT CHANGED GREATLY.” As a Special Judge to the Jefferson County Circuit Court, the Jefferson County District Court, and the Pulaski County District Court, he is no stranger to serving on the bench. He has seamlessly executed the duties of a Special Judge in the sitting judge’s absence, under oath, and supporting the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, the Constitution of the United States, and the statutes of the State of Arkansas in a fair and respectful manner.

Neely not only practices as a solo practitioner, he also serves as a contract Attorney (Ad Litem) with the Administrative Offices of the Court, a Contract Conflict Defense Attorney with the Arkansas Public Defenders Commission, a Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Panel Attorney appointed by the United States Courts and of Counsel for specified matters with other firms. In the past, Neely has also worked as a Juvenile Public Defender for the Public Defender Commission, City Attorney for the city of Altheimer, Arkansas, an Associate Attorney at Ronald L. Davis, Jr. Law Firm PLLC, a Law Clerk in the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, and a Law Clerk with Nolan, Caddell, & Reynolds, P.C. Throughout every phase of his impressive legal career, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to impartial, fair, and just practice of law.

“I have the experience and expert knowledge to make sound decisions in cases and do so with utmost respect for citizens, fairness in the application of law and integrity demanded by a position of such respectable nature.” Further, Neely states, “I was born right here in Pine Bluff. I graduated from the historic University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff formerly Arkansas AM&N., prior to attending the University of Arkansas School of Law at Fayetteville, Arkansas. After graduating from law school, I could have done what most talented individuals do when they leave Pine Bluff and that is not return, I chose to come back and serve this city because it was the Lords will and Pine Bluff needed me just like I needed Pine Bluff. I have diligently practiced law and served the citizens of Pine Bluff and other areas of the state since being admitted to the Arkansas Bar. I am not only licensed in Arkansas State Courts, I am licensed to practice law in the Eastern and Western Districts of the Arkansas Federal Courts, and I do so with the utmost integrity. Undoubtedly, our past sets the tone for our future, and our past has clearly shown that we as a city tend to not like change, even when it is in the best interest of our city. I believe this position is one for CHANGE and with this CHANGE I will strive to make a difference in what the future looks like one case at a time, one interaction at a time and one citizen at time.” “There are limited judicial positions in Jefferson and Lincoln County, and it is in the best interest of both that these judicial officers groom and support the next generation of judicial position holders and not manipulate the system until they are unable usher in the next generation with the same support they received when they acquired these seats.” “We must move past complacency and put people in place who will zealously carry out these positions and I believe that I am that zealous candidate who will exceed the basics of sitting high and looking low.”

Neely’s platform, it’s time for CHANGE, it’s time to engage the Court in our community to create a safer environment for all citizens. There has to be more interaction with these young

people to deter them before they reach the Court, what better way than to be visible and accessible to them. Offender accountability, diversions to violent offenders, mental health awareness, domestic violence awareness and drug abuse diversion are all great to say on paper but at some point, we have to be proactive in making these programs a requirement.

Attorney Neely, prides himself on being in touch with the community he aims to serve. “I am committed to the work to be done, I have worked diligently with organizations and individuals in this city to support our youth through prayer and education, while also using my position and judicial expertise to provide knowledge and diversionary influence on youth and young adults…they are the citizens of our next generation.” Neely serves on the board for the Jefferson County Boys and Girls Club, he is an avid supporter of Fun without Guns, Pizza and Prayer, and several other youth support groups through out the city. Neely is known to provide a helping hand wherever needed and without praise or accolades, he does because he loves Pine Bluff.

As a District Court Judge, Neely intends to be a role model for all Pine Bluff youth especially’ “Young males and females in Pine Bluff need someone they can emulate, someone like them who can relate to the issues they are facing daily. I believe that the district court is in a great position to be a diversionary vehicle for possible offenders, new offenders and repeat offenders. The district court is on the front line for the misdemeanor offender to be guided away from repeat and or escalated behaviors. My top priority is proper sentencing and programs for low-risk offender, diversionary programs first time offenders, accountability for repeat offenders, to protect the interest of the citizens, and to make Pine Bluff a safer place to live.

Neely was recognized as one of Arkansas Life Magazine/Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Top 55 Attorney nominees for five consecutive years and his firm was recognized by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce and the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff’s Economic Research and Development Center as the Most Promising Business.

Neely is a current or past member of the following organizations: Jefferson County Bar Association, Pulaski County Bar Association, the Arkansas Bar Association, the American Bar Association, Better Community Development, Inc. (Board Member), Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, W. Harold Flowers Law Society and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Jefferson County Boys and Girls Club, PACE Commission, Pine Bluff Country Club, Criminal Justice Act Panel, American Trial Lawyers Association and a multitude of other organizations.

Attorney Efrem Neely humbly asks the people for the opportunity to serve them with strong leadership and strategy of partnership and community engagement to advance the interests of the constituency. He believes that his 16 years in private practice, sitting as a Special Judge, child advocacy experience, trial lawyer experience, and constant community support have prepared him for this assignment. “I am confident that through the RESPECT OF OUR CITIZENS, FAIR APPLICATION OF LAW, AND CONTINUED INTERACTION WITH THE CITY OF PINE BLUFF, I will build more cohesive relationships with the Court and the community, therefore helping to create a safer Pine Bluff, as your next Pine Bluff Division 2 District Judge,” Neely says.

Attorney Neely is the son of Verdell Neely (Partee) a native of Pine Bluff, who is a proud graduate of Southeast High School class of 1966. Both his mother and father, the deceased James B. Neely, Sr., attended Arkansas AM&N currently known as the University of Arkansas of Pine Bluff. Attorney Neely resides in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and is the father to one son – Efrem B. Neely, Jr (24).