AT&T has stated a fiber was cut somewhere between Pine Bluff and Little Rock, and repairs have been made. Service should be restored to all users at this time.


AT&T has a major outage ongoing in the Jefferson County area, and the outage has shut down MECA 911 service in Pine Bluff according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

A message posted to the Sheriff’s Department Facebook page says the following:

We have been made aware that the AT&T Network is down in a number of counties in south Arkansas due to faulty equipment. Officials at AT&T have been notified and are working to address the issues. MECA is unable to receive any 911 calls until the situation is resolved. Their contingency plan was attempted to be put in place, however, those receiving agencies are effected also.

Please check on your family and friends who may be impacted by this outage either in person or by means outside of the AT&T network.

Other networks that utilize the AT&T towers are also experiencing outages.

AT&T has offered no timeframe for restoration of services