Ashanti is telling her side of the story after Irv Gotti made comments about their past romantic relationship.

On an episode of Angie Martinez’s IRL podcast, the singer said they never officially dated and that Irv made more of their relationship than it actually was.

“Irv has flat-out lied about a lot of things,” Ashanti said. “It’s weird. It’s very weird when you know you’re lying and you just keep lying. That’s where it becomes a little scary and a little mental.”

“Let’s clear this up,” she added. “We dealt with each other, but was Irv my boyfriend? Was I his girlfriend? Never … Irv had several girlfriends, so I’m a little confused by the label and the description.”

Ashanti said Irv was “salty” after she started dating Nelly and told people not to work with her.

“I feel like Irv is just hurt and he doesn’t know where to place his hurt and he doesn’t know how to channel it as a man,” she said. “It’s sad.”

Irv aired details of their relationship during the Drink Champs podcast back in August, alleging that she cheated on him with Nelly, among other things.

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