ASBTDC hosts webinar to discuss Building Communities in Jefferson County


The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTDC) has announced its new regional office here in Jefferson County with the lead of Angelisa Henry. Henry was selected by the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff to lead ASBTDC in Jefferson County.

ASBTDC hosted a ‘Building Communities in Jefferson County’ virtual webinar with Henry and members of ASBTDC  on January 27th to discuss more about who they are, their services, and how they would offer those services in Jefferson County.

Wendy Orvis a startup specialist for ASBTDC, lead the webinar and talked about their services including supporting Arkansans who are starting a new business (including franchises), buying established businesses, and more.

Orvis also presented ASBTDC preliminary economic impact numbers for 2021, which included 95.5m in capital for the businesses that ASBTDC works with, 181 business starts, 12,865 retained or created, ad 389m sales increase for those businesses. ASBTDC also offers an online signup process with consulting, analysis of Jefferson County to help find a business target customer base, and deciphers between surplus and leakages that businesses face in Jefferson County.

Orvis went on to discuss their interest in collaborating with community partners and explained how business owners can work with these partners to benefit their businesses.

Henry, spoke more about her duties and excitement to start to work with the community in Jefferson County.

To get more information about ASBTDC in Jefferson County, contact Henry, at [email protected] or contact 870-575-8033.