STUTTGART, Ark. – A family is one step closer to finding closure after an arrest was made in a 2016  murder of a Stuttgart father.

The investigation now leading to the arrest of Corey Jeffery and warrant for Jonathan Dabner, according to Arkansas State Police.

A simple game of catch connects Bennetta Haynes and her family.

Staying active was something Bennetta and her husband Chris Haynes enjoyed doing together.

“You know this is Chris’ game right here,” she said stepping up to bat.

“Right now I’m still emotional about it.”

Chris was killed in the parking lot of Riceland Foods in June of 2016. He was arriving to work that morning when he was shot in his car. Bennetta says there were people in the parking lot when it happened.

“I’m living it over again,” she said remembering when the events unfolded two years ago.

Since then, Arkansas State Police have been investigating and working to gather a strong enough case against the people who did this.

Friday two warrants were issued, and Monday Corey Jeffery turned himself in.

“I do forgive him, but I feel like he do need to pay for the murder of my husband,” Bennetta said.

She is not convinced he’s the only one who should pay for her husband’s death.

“I feel like my husband lost his life over someone that lied or was manipulated.”

The motive behind the crime remains in question.

Until then, Bennetta is focusing on family fun, even it’s missing its star player.

Corey Jeffery is expected in court Wednesday morning at 9.

If you know the whereabouts of Jonathan Dabner, you’re asked to call Arkansas State Police.