Arkansas Public Service Commission’s Donna Gray discusses Liberty Utilities

By Ray King

The report that the Arkansas Public Service Commission ordered Liberty Utilities to file regarding leak in the system and low water pressure is now in the hands of the commission and the three commissioners, who will act as judges, will examine the report to see if the company is “providing, fair, reasonable, safe and adequate supply of water to its customers.

Donna Gray, who is the director of the Public Service Commission told Deltaplex News on Friday that the commission staff will also examine the report and provide their own perspective.

Gray was asked about Liberty Utilities not updating their emergency plan, which was prepared in 2017 until Monday and said the plan should be updated and current at all times.

She went on to say that when Liberty Utilities acquired the company in 2012, providing adequate service was their primary goal.

Gray was asked what the process would be if the commission made the decision to revoke Liberty’s authorization to provide service and said she didn’t know.

She was also asked about people who had complained about water leaks and the company not doing anything.