LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas panel has voted to give the state’s top elected officials and lawmakers a 2.5% raise.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that the Independent Citizens Commission on Wednesday proposed the raises totaling $157,266 for the Legislature and the state’s seven constitutional officers. The raises will take effect after a public comment period and a final vote by the panel.

The commission voted earlier this year to give 2.5% raises to the state’s 194 judges and 28 prosecutors, as well as $2,500 pay increases to Arkansas’ Supreme Court justices and Appeals Court judges. The raises cost more than than $946,300.

The commission was created by a constitutional amendment voters approved in 2014. Previously, the Legislature set salaries for itself, constitutional officers and the judiciary.

The commission last year voted to give the state’s elected officials 3% raises, totaling about $1.23 million.