CAMDEN, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas police officer has been placed on leave as his department investigates him for placing a student in a chokehold Monday morning in a school altercation caught on video.

video circulating on Facebook shows Camden Police Officer Jerry Perry standing behind a student, wrapping his arms around his neck and lifting him up multiple times— seemingly attempting to restrain the boy in what appears to be a school cafeteria. After Perry puts down the student, he keeps one arm around his neck as he walks with the student out of the camera’s view, according to the video, which had garnered more than 18,000 shares as of Monday evening.

It was not immediately known what precipitated the altercation.

Perry was assigned as a school resource officer in Camden High School. His leave is effective immediately pending investigation, Camden Police Chief Boyd Woody said in a statement.

“As the Police Chief, I will not tolerate misconduct from my officers and this matter will be dealt with accordingly,” Boyd continued

Camden Fairview Superintendent Fred Lilly said he’s aware of Monday’s altercation and that his school district will cooperate with the police department.

“In order to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, CFSD will work with the CPD to ensure that current policies and procedures for all SROs stationed at CFSD schools are reviewed and revised if necessary,” Lilly said.