The Arkansas Dept. of Corrections has announced they have recovered a backpack full of dangerous contraband, including the deadly K2 drug.

Officers found the dropped bag in a field near Alligator Bayou Bridge(Lee County), which was to be smuggled in by an inmate scheduled to work in the area.

Officers found 1.4 pounds of K2 synthetic marijuana- While it may not sound like a lot, the communications director at ADC says just the one drop of it could be enough for everyone in the prison.

In the last two years alone, K2 accounts for 39 prisoner deaths at the department, not including new deaths in 2019.

“That backpack [also] contains several cell phones, several pounds of tobacco, some clothing that is not allowed [and] some chargers for cell phones…”

Officials say they’re doing their very best to keep the people who are incarcerated safe and alive.