With Governor Asa Hutchinson announcing sports can resume on June 1 in his Thursday address, the Arkansas Activities Association has announced the current dead period will end on March 30 in a press released announced Thursday night.

The release also states that guidance will be sent to member schools in the coming days with specific restrictions.

The release says: The return of team sports comes with specific restrictions must be followed. The information is still being created by the Department of Health. We will send this information to our member schools in the next few days. It is imperative that if schools choose to begin implementing Phase 1, they do so under the guidelines set forth under the Governor’s Directive. Schools continue t have the option of utilizing technology to communicate and train student-athletes if they decide not to implement in person, on campus contact at this time.

The release also says that administrators and coaches should understand that some families will not want their student-athletes participating in sports at this time:

Please understand that come families may not feel that it is safe or appropriate to begin in-person workouts at this time. Also, many families may have plans for the previously scheduled summer dead weeks. In both instances, student-athletes should be allowed to return to team activities without repercussions when they feel it is appropriate to do so. In these unprecedented times, please allow for participation without mandatory attendance requirements during the summer period.

The Arkansas Activities Association also stated that a decision on whether to waive the summer dead weeks will be made at the AAA Board of Directors Summer Workshop on June 9-10.

Additionally, the AAA states that they will provide supplemental information to the Governor’s Directive for member schools. The information will contain an acclimatization process requirement for the first two-three weeks, a sample form for screening questions, and an educational video for coaches and sponsors about COVID-19.

The AAA also notes that each student-athlete must have a valid physical examination administered within the last 12-15 months.