Last year, Duncan Laurence‘s “Arcade” became the first Eurovision song in 25 years to dent the Billboard Hot 100. Now, the Dutch singer/songwriter has returned with a new single, “Electric Life,” and a video that marks his directorial debut.

The video shows Duncan performing the Elton John and Queen-inspired ballad while a sea of disembodied hands reach out to touch his face, interact with him and, ultimately, lift him up. Duncan says that the song is “about the people who unfortunately aren’t here on Earth anymore but are still a very much a big part of my life,” adding, “The hands in the video symbolize these people.”

“It has been such a dream come true and an amazing experience to direct my own video,” says Duncan. He notes, “I wanted to find a symbolic, hopeful and positive way of performing this song and I think it turned out beautifully. I’m super happy and really proud.”

Duncan says he wants people to “find comfort” when they listen to the new song, adding, “I want them to think of that one person that they really miss and celebrate them.”

“Electric Life” is the first track to be released from recording sessions Duncan has been doing with his fiancé, songwriter Jordan Garfield.

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