Deltaplex news spoke with the director of the Pine Bluff Animal Shelter on Tuesday to discuss their facility, adoption options, and what they are doing to collect animals from the streets. The shelter currently holds approximately 160 dogs and cats due to the overpopulation of strays within the community, many of which the director, Marcus Graydon, explained come from residents who no longer want to care for their pets.

Graydon went on to explain.

There are alternatives that the shelter offers to assist pet owners and they also have a process that they follow for those owners that no longer want the pet.

In regards to adoption options, the shelter has a $20 adoption fee with requirements such as a home visit and vet appointment, Graydon added.

In relation to the number of strays in the community, Graydon spoke about his efforts to manage this by traveling to other states to gain ideas to bring back to Pine Bluff. The shelter also partners with various rescue teams that help to keep their population manageable and give the animals a second chance.