Appearing on the Oldies 1013 morning show Tuesday, Pine Bluff City Council member Joni Alexander said members sometimes make statements during meetings to put items on the record “in case something hits the fan” or some people are doing things (council members) don’t find agreeable and “maybe they won’t be so bold about it.”
Asked for an example, Alexander said this.


She said Parks and Recreation had an issue with the way they did a contract and since the council doesn’t deal with contracts on a day-to-day basis, they can’t reprimand the (parks department) supervisor. That would be the mayor’s job “so how do we hold the mayor accountable.”

During its meeting Monday, the council voted to hire an auditor to investigate parks and recreation spending.

Other issues included hiring a sibling of Parks Director Samuel Glover and Alexander said the city has been reimbursed for that sibling. There was also an issue dealing with grass cutting, the bidding process, and payouts.