Throughout the colder months of the year, Covid-19 and other variants have begun to impact Arkansans and increase the number of patients we have in Pine Bluff locally. The Advancing Health Literacy Program of Pine Bluff media coordinator Deseray McKinzy and the outreach coordinator Scott Solomon joined the Oldies 101.3 Morning Show on Thursday, December 30th to talk about preventing COVID-19 and encouraging the community to get vaccinated.

Registered Nurse and head of the COVID-19 division at Jefferson Regional Erin Bolton joined AHLP and explained that the hospital was hopeful with only one patient in the hospital with the virus in November. But, since then the numbers have begun to rise due to the new Omicron variant.

Bolton further elaborated on the symptoms of the new variant for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Bolton also spoke about when people should go get tested once feeling symptoms similar to COVID or the Omicron variant.

Solomon went on to talk about the vaccination percentage rates in Jefferson County and explained that  41.7% are fully vaccinated, 53.3 % have received one dose, and 25% are fully vaccinated and have their booster shot.

In relation to the vaccines, AHLP and Jefferson Regional are partnering together on January 6th and 7th for a vaccine clinic for all doses and the booster at the Healthworks Medical Center at 4747 Dusty Lake Drive. AHLP will be distributing $25 Visa Gift Cards to all participants that show proof of vaccination at the clinic. For more information visit