A black bear in a tree in a White Hall neighborhood on Nancy Street brought a bit of excitement for residents in the area Saturday night as they waited for officers from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to arrive to tranquilize and remove the bear from the neighborhood.

Officers on the scene told DeltaplexNews.com that the bear weighed roughly 120-130 pounds.

White Hall Police Chief Greg Shapiro said his agency was alerted about the bear earlier in the day when a resident reported capturing it on their security camera.

Another resident was alerted around 10:00 p.m. when their dogs began barking, and they spotted the bear in their back yard.

“We had a White Hall resident actually capture a black bear on her home surveillance video this morning, and she reported it to our officers,” said Shapiro. “Tonight a resident here on Nancy Street was alerted by her dogs and spotted the bear in her back yard. She notified us, and we came. The bear went up a tree and we notified Game and Fish, and they tranquilized the bear and have removed the bear.”

Wildlife officers were able to remove the bear at approximately 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning. It will be transported to another location and released back into the wild according to Wildlife officers on the scene.

A Wildlife officer secures the bear for transport after it had been tranquilized.
Black bear being prepared for transport by Wildlife officers.