Adam Lambert‘s Halloween tour, The Witch Hunt, kicked off earlier this month and is wrapping up Sunday at the Hollywood Palladium. Of course, the Halloween tour features Adam sporting an assortment of fabulous costumes, but he says he can still remember some of the costumes he wore as a Halloween-loving kid growing up in California.

“I remember the first time I dressed up as a vampire. I thought that was pretty cool,” he tells ABC Audio. “I had a cape. My mom painted, like, a widow’s peak [on my forehead].”

“Actually, no. I take that back … I did my own makeup, that was the first time I did my own,” Adam laughs. “But an earlier one, [with] my mom doing my makeup, I was a dragon. That was very cute.”

The singer, who says it’s the “big kid in him” that makes him love the holiday so much, also has a favorite Halloween candy. “I’m a sucker for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Reese’s Pieces,” he reveals. “I love the chocolate/peanut butter thing.”

Because Halloween is on a Monday this year, Adam’s tour is actually ending on October 30. But he says he won’t be all Halloween-ed out and will likely keep the spooky fun going for Monday.

“I probably will find a way to celebrate, yeah, of course,” he laughs. “Y’know, [I] can’t get enough. It’s all about a couple of days off after Halloween, and then we’re fine, you know?”  

This year, in addition to his own songs, Adam’s Halloween tour features him covering songs by Metallica, Chris Isaak, Nine Inch Nails, Avicii and Depeche Mode.

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