Na’riya Ackles who is a Pine Bluff native competed in the 2021 National American Miss State pageant (NAM) for the first time, June 3rd-5th in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and became a finalist as Little Miss Arkansas and the only girl from Pine Bluff to make it to the NAM pageant. Na’riya is only 9-years-old and made it to the All-American Miss Pageant in Orlando, FL which takes place in less than a month, from November 20th-26th.

Na’riya’s parents Nikki Ackles and Angel Higgins explained how they were able to raise $2,000 with the help of the community to fund their trip and pageant fees. Na’Riya won the Spirit of America award during her time in Oklahoma in which she will receive in Florida.

In order to advance to Florida, Na’riya had to complete four hours of community service in which she completed by cleaning the neighborhood near post offices and churches in the community.  Na’riya explained to Deltaplex News what being in this pageant meant to her.

Now just less than a month away from the All-American Miss Pageant, Ackles explained that since the competition in June, Na’Riya has been active within the community and has been actively raising funds to help with pageant fees, dresses, and hotel fees for the Florida trip. The pageant in Florida will consist of modeling, runway, photogenic, and red carpet categories. Ackles explained that they have covered all of their fees for the pageant except the hotel fee in which they are asking for donations from the community to support.

Ackles spoke more about her efforts and a surprise parade that is taking place tomorrow October 23rd at 4 pm in celebration of Na’Riya’s accomplishments to help her feel encouraged while in competition.


The surprise parade on the 23rd was a success and the community donated graciously to Na’Riya NAM expenses. For more information on how to donate to Na’Riya, the community can contact Nikki Ackles at 870-360-8902.