$4.1 million in grants to support homeless programs across Arkansas have been issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The grants are aimed in an effort to support the reduction of homelessness and to possibly end it as well.

HUD says the Arkansas grants include $3.1 million for projects in central Arkansas, about $356,000 for projects in northwest Arkansas, nearly $250,000 for the city of Pine Bluff, and about $377,000 for projects in the remainder of the state. Pine Bluff will receive a total of $247,942 from the grant. $20,243 is designated for transitional housing for victims of domestic violence. The remaining $227,699 will fund the city’s program to help the homeless.

Norma Payne, homeless coordinator for the City of Pine Bluff Homeless Program, said the funds will be used to assist homeless individuals and families, the disabled homeless and chronic homeless, as well as those who have had at least four documented episodes of homelessness over a three-year period and stayed in shelters such as the Salvation Army and CASA.

Payne said the money can be used to help pay utility or rent deposits, and there is no set amount that can be spent on an individual or family.