By Ray King

Formal charges have been filed against a Pine Bluff woman accused in the shooting death of her son.

Gwendolyn Spencer, 34, has been charged with first-degree murder following an investigation into the death of Dominic Pullum, who was found face down in the carport of a house at 1504 E. 42nd on March 27 and pronounced dead of a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

Spencer initially told police that when she came home, she found her son in the laundry room and saw him collapse. She said she ran to a neighbor’s in an attempt to get help but that was unsuccessful, so she drove to a friend’s house in the Dollarway area to get help. She said when she got back the police were at the house.

In a second interview, Spencer said her son was faint when she saw him in the laundry room, so she called 911. She said she told 911 she thought he had been shot. “I guess someone had killed my son,” she was quoted as saying.

Spencer told Detectives there were no firearms in the house and said she did not own any. She also said she had not fired a gun that day.

Later in the morning, police were notified that a handgun had been found in the middle of Martha Mitchell Expressway and Cherry Street, and a nine-millimeter handgun was taken into evidence. When Spencer was told about the gun being found she asked for an attorney.

A search warrant was served at the house and during the search, a spent nine-millimeter shell casing was found in the laundry room and the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory told police that the shell casing matched the gun that was found in the middle of the expressway.

Bond for Spencer has been set at $500,000.